New Tullamore Distillery open to visitors

Three different tours offered

Since September 2014 the new Tullamore Distillery in Clonmich has been producing. Now William Grant & Sons also open the doors for visitors. Three different tours are offered so everyone can chose the program matching with his interests. Irish whiskey industry is booming. New distilleries are being built, established distilleries increase their capacities. William Grant & Sons invested £ 35 mio. in building the new Tullamore Distillery to strengthen its position as one of the strongest Irish whiskey labels.

New distillery at historical place

Tullamore D.E.W Whiskey retours to the place of its former production after the old distillery had been closed here 60 years before. Four pot stills with the shape of the original ones, six fermenters with a capacity of 34.000 liters each and a warehouse for 100.000 barrels are the cornerstones of the new Tullamore Distillery. 1.5 million cases (a case means nine liters) Tullamore D.E.W. can be produced here.

Three different tours at Tullamore Distillery

With the opening of the Old Bonded Warehouse, the affectionately designed visitor center, and the start of a visitor’s program interested whiskey fans and tourists can chose between three different tours now:

In the Old Bonded Warehouse a comprehensive exhibition tells about history and production of Tullamore DEW. A dram of whiskey concludes this standard tour.
Price: €12. Duration: 50 mins.

This tour introduces visitors to the whiskey secrets of founder Daniel E. Williams. After the tour six special whiskeys can be tasted. A visit of the exclusive Williams’ Whiskey Gallery completes the visit.
Price: €25. Duration: 75 mins., max 12 people per tour

Tullamore Distillery invites to be personal guest of the distillery for 4.5 hours and learn about the production beginning with the still house and ending up in the warehouse. In the blending room everyone can create an own whiskey.
Price: €150 incl. lunch. Duration: 4.5 hours. For groups of 8 max