New „Straight from the Cask“ releases from Edradour Distillery

Two Edradour and three Ballechin single malts in caks strength

The new series “Straight from the Cask” with Edradour and Ballechin single malt whisky is assuring attention these days. This year’s single cask releases are five bottlings in cask strength and were matured in different wine casks: Madeira, Chardonnay, Bordeaux , Port and Burgundy. As a result the releases show a wide aromatic spectrum. They also vary regarding their ages which lie between 10 and 13 years of maturation.

The five “Straight from the Cask” releases from Edradour:

Edradour SFTC 10 y.o. 2006/2017 Madeira Cask – 500ml
Cask No. 225 | Distilled 16/05/2006 | Bottled 07/02/2017 | 470 Bottles

Edradour SFTC 13 y.o. 2003/2017 Chardonnay Cask – 500ml
Cask No. 264 | Distilled 23/06/2003 | Bottled 07/02/2017 | 392 Bottles

Ballechin SFTC 11 y.o. 2005/2017 Bordeaux Cask – 500ml
Cask No. 387 | Distilled 07/12/2005 | Bottled 09/02/2017 | 401 Bottles

Ballechin SFTC 12 y.o. 2004/2017 Port Cask – 500ml
Cask No. 217 | Distilled 26/04/2004 | Bottled 07/02/2017 | 418 Bottles

Ballechin SFTC 13 y.o. 2004/2017 Burgundy Cask – 500ml
Cask No. 14 | Distilled 21/01/2004 | Bottled 07/02/2017 | 399 Bottles

Edradour Distillery to be expanded

Not only those “Straight from the Casks” releases and other new bottlings are talked about but also the recent expansion of Edradour. Six new warehouses are being built. 12.000 to 15.000 casks can be stored in those new buildings according to the newsblog of Edradour’s German distributor Kirschwhisky. This new capacity will soon be needed because another project, the construction of an second Edradour distillery will also be completed soon.