New Stauning Single Malt Whisky: Port Smoke and Port Smoke Cask Strength

Two new smoky releases from the Danish Stauning Distillery


The whiskies of Danish Stauning Distillery are no longer absolute insider tips but have been successfully established on the market. Fans of the distillery love the innovative style of the unconventional distillery team that started in 2005 to implement their idea of producing their own Danish whisky.

There are several different releases of Stauning Whisky available, for example the Stauning Kaos (a blend of different whisky styles), the spicy Stauning Rye or the five-year-old Stauning Peat.

Now the distributer Kirsch Whisky has announced two new releases that also present a smoky charakter, but are also characterized by maturartion in port wine casks. So port and smoke result in the Stauning Port Smoke and this is available in two different alcohol strengths. The whisky was distilled in 2015 and bottled in 2019.

The Stauning Port Smoke was batched from four Tawny Port casks holding non-peated whisky, a Tawny Port cask with Stauning Heather Whisky and another Tawny Port cask with peated whisky, which gives the Stauning Port Smoke its light smokiness.

Image: Kirsch Whisky