New special edition of Rothaus Whisky released

Black Forest Lemberger Cask Finish: Whisky of Baden matured in casks of Württemberg wine

Red wine casks from the vineyard Herzog von Württemberg give the new single malt whisky edition from the Schwarzwald its special character: The Black Forest Lemberger Cask Finish shows deeply influenced from the maturation in wine casks as well in color as in its aroma. The whisky spent two years in ex-Bourbon casks before it was transferred to Lemberger wine casks were it was matured for two more years. Three casks were used for this that had hosted Lemberger wine for three times before. Lemberger is a grape variety that is very common for winemaking in the German county of Württemberg. So the use of these casks emphasis the local character of this Black Forest Lemberger Cask Finish in a special way.

Cooperation of brewery and distillery

The Black Forest Whisky is produced – as the name tells us – in the Schwarzwald, the Black Forest. When the brewery Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus startet to establish itself in the German whisky scene they looked for a cooperation partner. As a brewer Rothaus had the know-how and the equipment to produce a perfect wash but they had no license to distill. The distillery Kammer-Kirsch in Karlsruhe is the former distillery for research and training of the Grand-Duchy Baden. You can say it has a kind of a common family history with the Rothaus Brewery that had belonged to the grand-duchy from 1806 on. So in the Rothaus Brewery the brewing is done and in the Kammer-Kirsch Distillery the new make is distilled in double distillation. Then the whisky is matured at Kammer-Kirsch under the controlling eyes of Master Distiller Volker Herling. Usually ex-Bourbon casks are used for the Black Forest Whisky, but for special edition also Rum or Madeira casks are lying in the warehouse - or wine casks as for Black Forest Lemberger Cask Finish.

Details about the Black Forest Lemberger Cask Finish

There are 15.000 bottles available from the edition Black Forest Lemberger Cask Finish. They are 0.5 litre bottles as it is use for the Black Forest Whisky. The whisky is bottled with cask strength at 52.1 % ABV and the beautiful color is only due to the maturation in the casks.

The official tasting notes:
Color: dark amber
Nose: smooth, fruity, with hints of raisins and honey
Palate: spicy, like wild berries, fruity finish with typical notes of Lemberger wine