New range of Old Pulteney to come

Details about the “New Fleet” remain untold

There’s news from Wick at the North Eastern coast of Scotland about a coming launch of a new Old Pulteney core range. To be exact it is just a kind of a teaser that doesn’t tell much information about the (probably) four new single malts. To be more exact there is no information at all… Already in June 2017 there was an announcement that production of the Old Pulteney 17 and the Old Pulteney 21 would be stopped. There had been the release of the Old Pulteney 25 yo and the Old Pulteney 1983 Vintage meanwhile as a substitute but these were limited editions. So a re-arrangement of the range is not really a big surprise.

Traditional maritime style and new flavours from maturation

Now a press release from Pulteney Distillery, owned by Inver House Distillers, announces the release of a complete new collection of Old Pulteney Scotch Single Malt Whisky. These will keep the traditional maritime Style of Pulteney, enriched by additional flavors from cask maturation: ”Distilled and matured by the sea, this new fleet will take you on a journey of flavour, combining a consistent reminder of our coastal home with the influence of oak casks, from which our spirit is nurtured and shaped.” So can we perhaps look forward to whisky that was matured or finished in different type of casks?

Details about the new Old Pulteneys not revealed yet.

The labels of the four bottles shown on the picture of the announcement stay in the dark so that nothing is revealed about the age of the new releases (it can be assumed there will be an age statement, but this is not 100 percent sure…), about the type of casks that were used or other details. So we’ll probably have to wait for a while to know what awaits us –we don’t know how long. On the website of the distillery you can enter a competition until 12 th August to win one of hundred bottles of the new range.