New in the shop: The Tyrconnell 15 year old Madeira cask finish

15 year old Tyrconnell Irish single malt whiskey with a finish in Madeira wine casks is now available in our shop

Now it has finally arrived: one of the oldest Irish single malt whiskeys from the cask fnish series, the Tyrconnell 15 year old Madeira cask finish. Due to its age and unique finish, the whisky has only been produced in limited quantity. For fifteen years, this single malt has been matured in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels before being finished in Madeira wine casks from Portugal’s Madeira island for a few months.

The result is a rich, fruity and vanilla sweet single malt whiskey, balanced with fine spices and herbal aromas. "We are fortunate to be one of the oldest Irish whiskey producers and have the patience to wait 15 long years to present something truly exceptional", said John Cashman, Global Brand Ambassador. "And with the finish of The Tyrconnell in Madeira casks, we have really achieved something special."

Already in 2007, the Tyrconnell team experimented with different finishing techniques after finding out that the light, soft and fruity whiskey was perfectly suited for wine cask finishes. Within the cask finish portfolio, Tyrconnell was bottled for 10 years with a finish in Port, Sherry and Madeira casks, all of which belong to the Irish standard repertoire.