Moonshine Distillery: A new whisky distillery in Limburg

German company awakens building of a former coffee roasting to new life

The German town Limburg is well known to many whisky fans: Every year, “The Whisky Fair” takes place here, one of Germany's most famous whisky shows. Now Limburg can call itself home of a whisky distillery as well: The company SaarWhisky GmbH of the Rosinski family has opened the Moonshine Distillery in the building of a former coffee roasting plant at The Old Town of Limburg.

SaarWhisky has been involved in the whisky business for a longer time: As an independent bottler, the Saarbrücken-based company releases Scottish single malts under unique names such as Gruwehewwel, Malzbeisser or Schwenker. Now the Rosinski family also turns to German whisky which is produced in the Moonshine Distillery in Limburg where it will also be stored for maturation.

The historic building from 1912 is still known as the "Alte Kaffeerösterei", although the Fachinger brothers only run their Nassovia Coffee Distillery here until 1948. For a long time, it stood empty and last served as a color warehouse. Now it houses the Moonshine Distillery with its two Portuguese pot stills.

The wash still holds 350 liters, the spirit still 100 liters, which were specially made for the Limburg distillery. These are classic alambiques, shaped like Scottish stills. Similar stills are in use in the Danish Stauning distillery and in Tony Reemann-Clark’s Strathearn Distillery in Scotland.

The Spirit Still of the Moonshine Distillery is just big enough to produce the amount of new make that fills one 30-liter cask. These casks are ex-Bourbon barrels that have been rebuilt from their original size. So the whisky can not only be offered as a single cask, but also as a "single still", says managing director Matthias Rosinski.

The malt for the whisky production - unpeated as well as peated - is sourced from the UK-based Crisp Malt Group. Not only will the Moonshine Distillery follow its own recipes for their whisky, it also offers to use special recipes of its customers. Cask offers are already published on the homepage of the distillery.

By the way, you can also find offers there for distillation courses. Whisky, gin, absinthe or fruit brandy production can be learned in the Moonshine Distillery, either using the large stills or small 40-liter stills.

Images: SaarWhisky GmbH / Moonshine Distillery