Moments of delight: foodpairing and cocktails by Glenfiddich

Recipe for a Glenfiddich Bàrdachd with 18 Year Old Small Batch Reserve

Glenfiddich promises moments of delight that can be experienced with their single malts in special creations. In a press release they make some suggestions for food pairings and cocktails including recipes and tips for a stylish performance. All fitts very well into the coming winter- and Christmas time and are combinations with the different releases of the famous Speyside distillery.
Suggestions had been worked out by a small German team during a Scotland tour visiting the home of the Glenfiddich whisky. In Dufftown Markus Heinze (Brand Ambassador of Glenfiddich in Germany), Kevin Fehling (Germany‘s youngest 3 star chef), Onur Elci (partner of the „Kitchen Guerilla“), Florian Falk (Co-founder of „Just Spices“) und Tim-Ole Mundt (Co-founder of the label „Gentleman’s Agreement“) were welcomed by Glenfiddichs Malt Master Brian Kinsman and got to know the secrets of the Glenfiddich whisky.

Five experts, five moments of delight

Then the five experts set to work and developed their suggestions for perfect moments of delight. The results can be seen on the German website of Glenfiddich. The delightful things can even be cooked and mixed by everyone who wants to live these perfect moments because the recipes and details are published there in full. There’s for example the Dufftown Burger with Solera sauce, the drink Glenfiddich Speyfire with the Glenfiddich 12 Year Old, a mixed grill with whisky-BBQ-gel and a gentleman’s toolbox. One of the recipes for a perfect moment of delight that was created by Brand Ambassador Markus Heinze can be found right here:

Winter drink Glenfiddich Bàrdachd

Glenfiddich Bàrdachd (gaelic for poem) plays with the aromas of the Glenfiddich Small Batch Reserve 18 Year Old and complements them perfectly. As a variation of the Rusty Nail all following ingredients are stirred in a mixing glass and then strained into a cocktail glass:

  • 40 ml Glenfiddich 18 Year Old
  • 30 ml Drambuie – with barberries, vanilla and mallow infusion
  • 2 drops of walnut bitter
  • Orange twist
  • Glass: Martini glass – smoked with a cinnamon-applewood-composite