Midleton Distillery to see investments of €13 million

Renovation and expansion of the visitor center to start soon


Irish Distillers announced significant investments for a redevelopment of the visitor center of its Midleton Distillery and make it an attractive visitor magnet. In addition to guided distillery tours and experiences, visitors will also be invited to a bar, café, restaurant and shop. Up to 200,000 visitors are expected to be welcomed at Midleton annually.

Marrying old and new

Conor McQuaid, Chairman and CEO, said: “Over the past 30 years, Midleton Distillery has become synonymous with Irish whiskey tourism, welcoming more than three million visitors from countries all over the world to our home in East Cork. At Irish Distillers, we are always looking towards the future of Irish whiskey, which is why we are delighted to announce our plans for the redevelopment of the distillery experience at Midleton. Our ambition is to deliver an exceptional, world-class experiential offering which will bring whiskey lovers closer to the production process than ever before.”

“As we are committed to preserving and maintaining the beauty of the original distillery buildings, many of which date back to 1794, our redevelopment plan is centred around the conservation and restoration of existing structures, while transforming our visitor attraction to accommodate new and interactive whiskey tours and exciting tasting experiences. The redevelopment will therefore marry the old and the new, making improvements and upgrades to preserve the fabric of these buildings, all of which will ultimately contribute to an immersive and unique visitor experience,” he added.

Everything should be ready by Midleton's 200th anniversary in 2025

Midleton Distillery will also see important development in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. A new heat recovery system will ensure that the heat generated during whiskey production is used to heat the visitor center. The redevelopment work will begin immediately and should be completed by 2025, when the Midleton Distillery will celebrate its 200th anniversary.

Midleton is known for whiskey brands like Jameson, Powers, Redbreast, Midleton Very Rare, the Spot Whiskeys and Method and Madness. The production will not be affected during this time and distillery tours and experienced will also continue.

Images: Irish Distillers