Michter's opens Fort Nelson Distillery

After an official opening event the Louisville distillery is now open to visitors

Louisville has got one more whiskey distillery and a tourist attraction at the same time: Last week, the official opening ceremony for the Michter's Ford Nelson Distillery took place in Louisville's Museum Row. A huge renovation effort When Michter's acquired the building in 2012, it was in a very bad condition. Collapsed staircases, missing floors - there was extensive work to do to make the historic building of1890 a functional yet representative home. Bricks and cast iron characterize the impressive building with the distinctive corner turret. In order to preserve and restore the building, 181,437 kilograms of structural steel were incorporated during the years of renovation work.

Fort Nelson Distillery follows the traditional way of making whiskey

The whiskey production here in the new Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery is based on the classic pot still and fermenter system with cypress wood, which was also used in the Michter's Pennsylvania Distillery (also known as Blomberger's Distillery). It was closed in 1990 and Michter's continued to work as a non-distilling producer, buying whiskey that was produced in other distilleries following the old Mitcher’s recipe. However, Mitcher’s Whiskey stayed being popular and and the brand didn’t lose reputation: Michter's Bourbon, Rye and American Whiskey are highly awarded.

Expanding the production

The demand for American whiskey steadily has been growing and the owner of the label Michter's, the company Chatham Imports, decided to develop and realize expansion plans: With the opening of the Shively Distillery in Louisville in 2015, Michter's changed back to the status of a whiskey producers with its own distillery and now with the Fort Nelson Distillery they have increased their production capability.

The Fort Nelson Distillery houses a production area and a visitor center with a shop and visitor tours and in the second floor “The Bar at Fort Nelson” is situated. It offers a wide selection of historic and contemporary cocktails, wants to be a communication center for enthusiasts and experts in the whiskey scene and to offer educational seminars.

Pictures: Michter‘s