Mackmyra saw remarkable sales figures in 2015

About 19% growth for the Swedish whisky label

The last year has been a very successful one for the Swedish whisky distillery Mackmyra: increasing sales of 19% meant net sales of £5.2 mio. Resulting Mackmyra could notice gross profits of £1.8 mio according to the now published annual report of the distillery.

As well as Mackmyra bottled or caskwise – the demand grows

The increasing figures are due to the growing demand of bottle sales (net sales here were about £3.2 mio) as well as the interest in whisky casks.Mackmyra offers private customers the ownership of whisky casks. Because of the cask size of 30 liters that is common for Mackmyra this possibility is highly demanded. Germany is a major sales area for Mackmyra: 19% of all bottle sales had been noticed on the German market in 2015. Whether the new Mackmyra Iskristall for Germany, the Midvinter or the smoky Svensk Rök – the German whisky drinker has grown to like Swedish whisky.

Skybar and warehouse are new attractions

It hasn’t been long that Mackmyra hit the headlines by presenting a skybar and a new warehouse in the Swedish province of Härjedalen. Die highest warehouse of Northern Europe and the bar with its 360° panorama are a new touristic highlight in the region. The new “Club 1125” (the warehouse is situated 1125 meters high) attracts many customers interested in casks by organizing special events