Mackmyra presents Stjärnrök, the next Seasonal edition

Characterized by smoke and the influence of four types of casks


Mackmyra has been releasing the Seasonal bottlings for 16 years now. There are two editions of these limited whiskies every year. With the Stjärnrök, the Swedish distillery now presents this year's autumn edition, which will be available from September 15th.

The press release says that Mackmyra Stjärnrök is “inspired by the magic of the Nordic sky”. Master Blender Angela D'Orazio also relied on the magic of cask maturation and used four different types of casks for this single malt: Ex-Bourbon, new American oak, Oloroso and also Swedish oak, which was saturated with cloudberry wine.

The majority of the whisky was made from smoky barley, some casks with unsmoky whisky ensure an aromatic balance. “Stjärnrök is a whisky that focuses on Mackmyra's smoky recipes. I love our older smoked barrels and am happy to be able to present them in a larger edition," says Angela D'Orazio.

Mackmyra Stjärnrök is limited to 17,000 bottles and was bottled at 46.1% vol. Price will be € 60.49 Mackmyra describes the aroma as "spicy with a clear smoky note of peat and juniper, followed by vanilla toffee and dark chocolate."

Mackmyra’s tasting notes

Nose: Smoke, spiciness and peat with notes of juniper. Fruity, raisins, nuts, dried fruit, roasted bread tones, vanilla fudge, tobacco leaves, sandalwood, cedar and ginger.

Taste: Smoky, fruity and spicy with peat and juniper notes together with minerals, herbs from vanilla fudge, raisins, orange peel, dark chocolate and dried fruit. Further on there is spiciness from roasted oak casks, sandal and cedarwood, anise, white pepper and ginger. A soft oakiness and a light oily texture.

Aftertaste: Clear smoke in the aftertaste in symbiosis with exotic dried fruits.

Images: Mackmyra