Mackmyra opens experimental distillery

LAB Distillery at former production site of the Swedish whisky

The Swedish whisky company Mackmyra follows its course of expansion and success unabatedly. It was only in March when the sales figures for 2016 were published which showed an increasing performance curve of Mackmyra Single Malt Whisky as they did the year before. But not only the year before: This positive tendency has been achieved the eight year in straight succession. The company is not worried about the fact that it is not in the black yet and looks motivated into the future.

The new distillery is the old distillery

To open a new experimental distillery is the next step of Mackmyra’s expansion. This new distillery is in fact an old well known one: It’s the Mackmyra Bruk Distillery, situated north of Stockholm near Gävle, and it’s here where the history of Swedish single malt whisky started in 2002. In 2011 the plant was mothballed when the new Mackmyra Gravity Distillery was opened. The complete equipment including the pot stills remained here and all is to be activated now to fulfill a new task now: Here is the place where new ideas and dreams will become reality.

New ideas and existing expertise complement each other

Everywhere around the world craft distilleries are being built in these days and young and innovative companies join the market with new ideas and products. Mackmyra wants to follow this trend and give new distillers the opportunity to realize their product ideas without possessing an own distillery but experiment here in the Mackmyra LAB Distillery. In this way the power of innovation and the extensive know how about distillation and product development are brought together Magnus Dandanell, founder and CEO of Mackmyra, says in a press release.

Official opening at Mackmyra Day

The project “LAB Distillery” will start on May 20th, the Mackmyra Day with the official opening of the experimental distillery. It will be run as an independent part of the firm although it will use the knowledge and network of the Mackmyra Company. At that day the first new idea will be revealed and it will be presented by craft distiller Rickard Aldén.