Mackmyra Destination: New whisky edition of the Swedish distillery

Matured in four types of casks


The latest single malt from the Swedish distillery Mackmyra is made from unpeated malt and offers an range of elegant aromas from caramel and sweet raisins to cherries and blackberries. Mackmyra Destination is limited to 10,000 bottles worldwide.

Destination Mackmyra

If you want to visit Mackmyra, you have the choice between different destinations. The Swedish company writes on their website: “The Whisky Village is our heart with Gravity Distillery, The Forest Warehouse and our Restaurant. But there is many more Mackmyra locations where you can combine your whisky experience with a variety of other interests. Downhill skiing, golf or why not try our latest destination on River Seine combined with a romantic weekend in Paris?”

Mackmyra Destination was bottled at an alcohol content of 48.7% ABV. In order to provide the whisky, which was released without an age statement, with a deep aroma, Mackmyra decided to batch whisky that was matured in four different types of casks:

  • 33% ex. Port wine casks, 600 l
  • 33% American Oak, 200 l
  • 25% ex. Bourbon, 200 l
  • 9% Oloroso casks, 200 l

Tasting notes for Mackmyra Destination

NOSE: Pear and raisins in a beautiful combination, followed by sweet notes of fudge and almond paste.

TASTE: Outstanding notes of vanilla caramel and almond paste from American oak barrels. Sweet raisins and berry nuances of white cherry and blackberry.

FINISH: Sweet berries and hazelnut rounded off with lively oak notes


Image: Mackmyra