Macallan unveils new core range

A new design and a re-ordered portfolio with Sherry Oak 12, Double Cask 12 and Triple Cask Matured 12 as center pieces

Macallan has a strong media presence actually like no other distillery: simultaneously to the opening of the new distillery which caused much public attention one new release after the other is launched. The whole portfolio is being re-ordered and gets a new structure. Last week we reported about the new series The Macallan Quest which already started with the first release.

Three core lines based on the type of wood

Macallan wants to give its core range a new and clear structure. According to the actual press release there will be three main lines that will be built on the type of wood the whisky was matured in. Those will be Sherry Oak, Double Cask and Triple Matured, each of them offering 12, 15 and 18 year old bottlings as standards. But there will also be older ones as the Macallan Sherry Oak 25 Year Old that has already been launched.

Macallan Sherry Oak, Double Cask and Triple Cask Matured

The names of the series already tell what kind of wood management they are based on: Sherry Oak is whisky matured Spanish Sherry casks, for Double Oak whisky from European Sherry casks is batched with whisky from American oak Sherry casks. For the Triple Cask Matured Macallan whisky from Ex-Bourbon Casks joins the whisky from the two types of Sherry casks. These Triple Casks bottlings are similar to the whiskys that were on trade as Macallan Fine Oak since 2004.

Sienna, Amber and the 1824 series will disappear

As one aspect of Macallan’s portfolio revision and redesigning (the packaging as well as the bottles were modified) the production of some single malts will completely be stopped. This concerns the whiskies of the Macallan 1824 series and the Macallan Sienna and Macallan Amber. Those who are fans of the Macallan Gold can get it as Macallan Double Cask Gold. All this may sound a little confusing in the moment but Macallan says they are convinced whisky fans will take great benefits from it: Because of the new and clear product lines it would be much easier to find the single malt that matches with the personal preferences.

Pictures: The Macallan