Macallan cask auctioned for £242.200

Single malt that was matured in a refill Sherry hogshead for 29 years

The auction of a cask of Macallan Single Malt Whisky ended up in a real bidding battle as it can be read in the actual press release of Whisky-Online Auctions. The digital gavel went down at £242.200 what marks a new record for a whisky cask from 1989. The previous owner had invested £2.700 when he bought the five year old cask in 1994 – what a financial return!

180 litres of Macallan Single Malt Whisky

Since the refill Sherry cask with the number 1248 had been filled in 1989 with Macallan new make it has been stored in one of the Scottish distillery’s bonded warehouses. 262 litres with 63.5% ABV got into the cask in 1989, measurements on 12 December 2017 show an actual alcoholic content of 52.75% ABV and a remaining volume of 180 litres. If the new owner of the Macallan cask would bottle the whisky now he would get 257 bottles of 0,7 litres calculated. Whisky-Online Auctions and concludes that each of the bottles would cost £942, not regarding taxes and charges for bottling.

Not the first cask that has been auctioned

This cask was not the first one with Macallan whisky in a Whisky-Online Auction. A similar cask type filled in 1990 was sold a month before for £135.100, while a larger cask from 1996 achieved £168.000 in the same auction. Macallan Single Malt Whisky is in great demand.

Whisky-Online Auction Tasting Notes

Colour: Gold

Nose: This is a classical, aged Speyside profile with a forward note of honey, buttered toast, sweet and savoury patisserie, yellow flowers, pollen and various notes of toasted sunflower seeds, cereals, hay and, with a little opening up time, a rather beautiful and fragrant aroma of orange peel and citrus cake. Develops with white and green fruits and more citrus aspects.

Palate: Surprisingly spicy. Spice cake, cinnamon buns, pumpernickel and rye breads, olive oil, a light mineral aspect and subtle earthiness. Develops towards quince, turmeric and this orangey note again, manifesting here as orange bitters and mulling spices.

Finish: Long with drying earthiness, light waxes and more cereal and hay loft notes. Still slightly buttery in texture with some background green fruits.

Picture: Whisky-Online Auctions