Lindores Abbey Distillery welcomes the new year with whisky

The first filled casks of the distillery have been stored for three years now


A few days before Christmas, the Lindores Abbey Distillery had reason to celebrate: The first maturing distillates reached the magical age of three years and can now be called whisky. 20 casks were filled on December 20, 2017 and the first 1,494 bottles of Lindores Abbey whisky will soon be released.

This number of 1494 was of course chosen deliberately. Back to the year 1494, the roots of whisky production can be traced here on this site. In tax documents of that year there is an entry about the purchase of barley malt for the production of Aqua Vitae by Brother John Cor from the monastery that was situated here at the time.

If you want to get your hands on one of these first bottles from the Lindores Abbey Distillery, you should try to become a member of the distillery's club, the 1494 Society. The membership fee of 500 pounds includes benefits such as lifelong free entry to the distillery, a 10 percent discount in the shop and the right of first refusal for future limited editions, as well as a bottle of this inaurural release. A few more memberships are probably available. More information about the Club 1494 can be found here on the distillery's website.

Garry Haggert, Distillery Manager, has already commented on the aroma of the whisky on social media and describes notes of citrus and red fruits and a malty character on the nose. On the palate he discovers vanilla, caramel and butterscotch.

Images: Petra Milde