Largest private whisky collection ever offered at an auction

Pat’s Whisk(e)y Collection of 9,000 bottles will come under the hammer at Whisky Auctioneer


It started with a friend recommending him to buy a whisky and ended as a collection of impressive 9,000 bottles of whisk(e)y: Pat (a private whisky collector who wants to remain anonymous) actually wanted to open the whisky he got and enjoy it with friends. The desire to get to know every type of whisky soon let his passion for collecting get out of hand and after 15 years now he owns the impressive number of 9,000 bottles. Now he has decided to have the collection auctioned off by the internet auction house Whisky Auctioneer.

From now until June 21, 2021, the bottles will be offered in various individual auctions due to the diversity and volume of the collection. In addition to whisky from more than 150 Scottish distilleries, there is also whisk(e)y from independent European bottlers or from other countries around the world.

Old and new releases, from Scotland, Japan and all over the world

It will start with world whiskies: from September 25 to October 5 the first part of the collection will be auctioned, including Japanese whisky from Karuizawa and Hanyu, but also special highlights such as a small collection of Daftmill Single Malt Whisky, Duncan Taylor's Tantalus series or some very old bottlings from Port Ellen, Caperdonich or Bowmore. Bourbon fans can look forward to October when a range of very special American whiskeys will be on offer.

Iain McClune, Founder of Whisky Auctioneer, said: "The entire collection has an estimated hammer price of approximately $5 million, however the focus for starting the project was never on ultra premium priced whiskies. The value of the collection lies in its completeness, with many of the most lauded series from some of the finest distilleries in the world featured here in their entirety."

A collection of whiskies for drinking

“I have always fought against whisky snobbery and wanted to create a collection for drinking and enjoying responsibly. Good whisky can be discovered literally anywhere and come at any price, wherein lies its beauty,” said Whisky Collector Pat.

In addition to the auctions, Whisky Auctioneer initiates the Pat’s Whisk(e)y Club, whose members are granted special access to the collection, where they can get more detailed information about the whiskies and take part in the journey of the Pat’s Whisk(e)y Collection.

Images: Whisky Auctioneer