Large fire at Weyermann Maltings in Bamberg

After hours the fire department could extinguish the fire; nobody was hurt

It was a bad day for German Weyermann Maltings in Bamberg: A fire that broke out under the roof of the historic brick building caused damage of 1 million Euros. Fortunatly nobody was hurt.

It was 3 o’clock last night when the fire alarm system at Weyermann went off and soon after smoke and flames could be seen from far. The fire department worked hard for hours and managed to get the fire under control. The reason for the fire isn’t yet known for sure, it was probably a technical defect in the kiln in the sixth floor of the seven-floored-building.

The fire benefited from the good ventilation in the kiln, but it didn’t succeed to go through the roof. But 30 tons of malt were lost in the fire and the damages to the building are significant. Meanwhile in the other buildings of Weyermann Maltings work could resume.

Weyermann Maltings provides many German breweries and distilleries with malt and also works internationally: Weyermann products with the yellow-red logo are sold in more than 135 countries.

Picture: Petra Milde (archive 2016)