Lakes Distillery on expansion course

The English distillery is to increase its whisky production

Since 2004, the Lakes Distillery has been producing whisky now in the English Lakes District, a popular holiday area, and has already become a tourist magnet. The distillery has been very successful with their The One, a blend of British whiskies, with vodka, gin and other spirits. Last year, Lakes Distillery proudly presented first own whisky.

The first The Lakes Single Malt Whisky already released

With "The Lakes Genesis" the first single malt whisky was released in spring 2018, limited to 101 bottles and all auctioned. With a series of four whiskies called "The Lakes Single Malt Quatrefoil Collection" the distillery will present different Fassreifungen. "Faith" was released in autumn 2018, "Hope", "Luck" and "Love" will be following. The Lakes Distillery focuses on Sherry cask maturation and will continue to do so in the future as it was just announced.

Global orientation as a premium brand planned 

An article in the magazine The Spirits Business just reported that The Lakes Distillery wants to establish itself globally as a luxury brand. They don’t want to be craft distillery with a changing portfolio and experimental focus but would like to develop an own typical style with a high recognition factor, a signature whisky.

New washbacks to be installed

To ensure the consistency and continuous high quality it will be necessary to increase the production, the distillery declares. With the current equipment, this is possible in almost all stages of production, except one: the 96-hour fermentation period limits the production capacity to 230,000 liters of alcohol per year due to the size and numbers of the present fermentation tanks. The installation of eight new washbacks will increase the capacity to 400,000 - 450,000 liters in the future.


Pictures: Petra Milde

The current equipment of washbacks