Kyrö Distillery Company is building another distillery

The Finnish distillers want to significantly increase their rye whisky production

Not for long, then the team of Kyrö Distillery wants to significantly increase its alcohol production: In October 2019, the new distillery is to be finished, which is currently being built opposite the previous Kyrö distillery. This new facility will house six 3,000-liter fermenters, a 9,000-liter and a 7,000-liter still for whisky production. The Spirits Business magazine reports here that Kyrö will increase from 85,000 liters to 350,000 liters of alcohol per year. The energy generated by biogas, the use of river water for cooling and a heat recovery system to advance the Kyrö Distillery on their way to environmentally friendly operation

When the dream comes (more than) true

Miika Lipiäinen, Mikko Koskinen, Kalle Valkonen, Miko Heinilä and Jouni Ritola decided in the sauna that someone should make a Finnish rye whisky. And they also decided to do this themselves. But when they founded their Kyrö Distillery Company in August 2012, they never dreamed of where they would be in 2019: their Kyrö Distillery, which went into production in 2014, has long since become too small to meet the demand for its award-winning products. At first, it was their gin that made Kyrö famous for being awarded the title best gin for gin & tonic by the IWSC. But meanwhile the Kyrö Rye Whisky has been launched, found many friends and is released in small batches that always are sold out quickly.

Expansion to be internationally competitive

High time to think about expansion. The production lines of gin and whisky have been running separately since 2017, and from 2020 on, larger quantities of Kyrö whiskey are finally to hit the market. In an interview with The Spirits Business, Miika Lipiäinen, co-founder and CEO of the Kyrö Distillery Company, said that following a four-year plan, they will invest 10 million Euros in the building construction, building and filling warehouses and increasing their marketing.

Warehouses traditionally designed and ultra-modern at the same time

Last year, a new warehouse was built (five identical ones will be built in total) in order to be able to cope with the increased production. It is architecturally adapted to the Finnish architectural style of barns, hidden away in the woods. However, despite all the traditional, natural look, the safety requirements for flammable goods had to be met. Thus, the warehouse is divided into five separate areas, each with its own climate, humidity and temperature control. The expansion buildings of the Kyrö Distillery were designed by the Finnish architecture firm Avanto Architects, who present pictures here on their website.

Images: Kyrö Distillery Company

Credits: The Spirits Business