Kingsbarns now has got whisky in its warehouses

The young Scottish distillery celebrated the third anniversary of its first cask some days ago

On 23rd March 2015 Peter Holroyd, Manager of Kingsbarns Distillery in Fife, filled the first cask with new spirit from the distillery. Now three years have gone by and the spirit inside the ex-Bourbon cask can officially be called whisky.

Family owned distillery 

Kingsbarns Distillery is owned by the Wemyss family who has been in the Whisky business for a long time, releasing Wemyss whisky that was produced in other distilleries as a successful independent bottler. But now knowing there’s self-produced whisky maturing in the warehouses is quite a new experience for the family that makes them proud and curious about the future. “Now that we have reached the minimum legal age, we can move forwards to sample whisky from our early casks and make some choices regarding the first bottling of our new Lowland malt,” William Wemyss is quoted in the actual press release.

Light fruity character and balance of spirit and wood

Peter Holroyd who sampled a dram of the first Kingsbarns Single Malt Whisky from Cask no 1 said: “I was very proud to fill this first cask from the spirit I distilled three years ago and am delighted to see the impact that it has had on the colour. On the nose I get custard and apricot Danish pastry, but you still get the Kingsbarns light fruity character. On the palate, there is a wonderful balance of spirit and wood and you can really taste the Kingsbarns signature style.”

A virtual Kingsbarns tour

This first cask is stored in a special exhibition room of the Kingsbarns Distillery that former had been a dove cot. It is part of the distillery tour. If you can’t make it there you can join us here on youtube for video tour and have a look on the cask and into the distillery.