Kilbeggan Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey: New whiskey based on an old recipe

A limited edition with a small amount of oats in the mash


With the Kilbeggan Single Pot Still Whiskey, the Irish whiskey distillery presents a new edition of a historic whiskey: Based on the old recipe from the Locke family, Kilbeggan produced this whiskey from a special mash and distilled it twice in the old stills. The Kilbeggan Single Pot Still Whiskey is released as a limited edition with 43% ABV and will soon be available on European markets

A mash made from barley and oats

In addition to malted and raw barley - the typical composition of an Irish pot still whiskey - the mash for the Kilbeggan Single Pot Still Whiskey also contains a 2.5% share of oats. This is how the Locke family handled it in the 19th century, when oats were also grown in the Irish Midlands. This not only influences the aroma of the whiskey, but also its texture, making it soft and creamy. The double distillation takes place in old stills, one of which is the oldest active whiskey still in the world, as Beam Suntory informed in the actual press release.

Official tasting notes for the Kilbeggan Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Arome: Initial fresh crisp aroma followed by apple, pear, and melon. Jasmine and hazelnut notes combine with a hint of honeycomb sweetness.

Taste: Spice becomes apparent, but not overbearing, with summer fruits and citrus. Warming mid palate with a fresh mint leaf flavor leading on to a rich creamy mouthfeel.

Finish: Initially soft, mellow, and smooth, with a creamy finish. Lingering spice and a dryness as the oat influence become evident.

A distillery with a long history

The Kilbeggan Distillery was founded in 1757, in 1843 it became the property of John Locke and the heyday of the Irish whiskey label Locke’s followed. Like most other whiskey distilleries, it did not survive the whiskey industry breakdown in Ireland and was closed in 1953. In 1987, Kilbeggan's trademark rights went to the Cooley Distillery, where Kilbeggan Whiskey has been produced for many years. Since the restoration of the old Kilbeggan Distillery in 2010, the Irish label has returned to its own home again and started a revival of the old Locke family whiskey tradition.

Since then, two limited bottlings with whiskey produced here at the old Kilbeggan Distillery supplement the Kilbeggan portfolio: Before this new Kilbeggan Single Pot Still Whiskey, a Kilbeggan Small Batch Rye, a whiskey with a 30% rye content, was released.

Images: Beam Suntory