Kavalan announces second STR whisky to join the Vinho Barrique

The new single malt from Taiwan was produced from peated malt


Every time the Taiwanese company King Car introduces a new Kavalan whisky, the whisky friends wait eagerly to see if it can follow in the great footsteps of the Kavalan Vinho Barrique. Five years ago this Vinho Barrique received the World Whiskies Award of the Whisky Magazine as the “World's best single malt”. The current announcement of a new Kavalan Single Malt, which (like the Vinho Barrique) was matured in so-called STR casks, is causing quite a stir.

"STR" casks - shaved, toasted and recharred - are those ex-wine casks that Dr. Jim Swan created in collaboration with Kavalan. Meanwhile secveral other distilleries use those casks, e.g. Penderyn in Wales and Cotswolds in England.

The new whisky, which is due to appear in October as one of four whiskies of a Christmas series, is also extraordinary in another view: It is the first whisky Kavalan has produced from peated barley. There was already a smoky Kavalan whisk, but the Peated Cask did not get its smokiness from the malt, but from its maturation in casks that previously contained peated whisky.

"I've been asked many times since the WWA win when we would release another Made-in-Taiwan STR whisky. Now after years of experimenting, we sincerely hope the second STR whisky will pass on the excellent performance of Vinho, becoming the spotlight for whisky fans around the world," YL Lee, CEO of Kavalan, said.

Image: Kavalan