Johnnie Walker announces two new Game of Thrones whisky editions

"A Song of Ice" and "A Song of Fire" are dedicated to the House Stark and the House Targaryen


Game of Thrones fans will be thrilled: Johnnie Walker, in partnership with HBO, will launch two new whisky editions. "A Song of Ice" and "A Song of Fire" are two Scottish blends with different aromatic profiles. They are announced to be released in the US in August 2019; in Europe we will probably have to wait until October.

The two limited Johnnie Walker editions are dedicated to two mighty Houses of Westeros. "A Song of Ice" honors House Stark, Rulers of the North, characterized by winter and ice. The direwolf, a giant white wolf, symbolically dominates the cool and white design of this whisky. "A Song of Fire" stands for the House Targaryen, symbolized by a dragon and a "fiery" bottle design.

For these two blends, two very different whiskies were selected as distinctive single malt components (besides grain whisky and probably several other single malts): Highland whisky Clynelish with its clean, crisp aroma for the Johnnie Walker “A Song of Ice” with an alcohol content of 40.2% ABV and the smoky Caol Ila from the Isle of Islay for the Johnnie Walker “A Song of Fire” with 40.8% ABV.

With the launch in August in the US and the global launch in October 2019, “A Song of Ice” and “A Song of Fire” will join the Johnnie Walker White Walker in the retail stores.

Images: Johnnie Walker via PRNewswire