Jim Beam fills 15 millionth barrel

The Kentucky Bourbon is on a historic high production level

The famous Jim Beam Bourbon reached an industry first last week: Beam Suntory proudly announced that the 15 millionth barrel since the end of the Prohibition was filled. Fred Noe, Master Distiller in seventh generation and his son Freddie Noe, eighth generation, personally filled and sealed the milestone barrel.

“Fifteen million is a big number, but we’re a big bourbon,” said Fred Noe. “When Jim Beam, my great grandfather, filled his first barrel of whiskey at our Clermont distillery after Prohibition, I doubt he would have predicted that one day we would be a brand known and enjoyed the world over.” Jim Beam is on a high level production as it hasn’t performed before. As a result this new milestone was reached only two years after the barrel No. 14.000.000 had been filled.

Actually about 2.3 million barrels of Bourbon are stored in the various warehouses of Jim Beam, maturing to be one of the Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Bottlings. The 15 millionth barrel will age in the historic Rackhouse D in the Clermont distillery that can be visited as part of the American Stillhouse Tour.