Jeff Arnett steps down as Master Distiller of Jack Daniel’s

The distillery and Brown-Forman have not yet announced information about the successor

The seventh Master Distiller of Jack Daniel‘s

Jeff Arnett worked for Jack Daniel’s for 20 years, during the last 12 years as a master distiller. Now the whiskey distillery from Lynchburg, Tennessee, has surprisingly announced his departure.

The seventh Master Distiller of Jack Daniel‘s Jeff Arnett was the seventh master distiller of Jack Daniel’s since it was officially founded in 1866. In April 2008, he replaced Jimmy Bedford, who retired. The news that Jeff Arnett leaves Jack Daniel’s comes as a surprise and nothing is known yet about his future plans.

“The last 20 years at the Jack Daniel Distillery have been an incredible chapter in my life and I look forward to spending some time to think about what the next chapter will hold,” said Arnett. “I wish everyone in Lynchburg the best and I am appreciative of the support and confidence they have shown in me to represent Jack Daniel’s to the world during my time there. It has been an honor and privilege to be one of only a handful of people to have served as the Master Distiller of this wonderful brand known around the world as simply ‘Jack’.”

Development of many new Jack Daniel’s products

During his 20 years at Jack Daniel’s, Jeff Arnett has worked in many areas of production, from distillation itself to charcoal mellowing management, the filtering process that makes Tennessee whiskey so typical, to barrel storage and bottling.

While being master distiller for the last 12 years he developed and launched many new Jack Daniel’s products such as the Sinatra Select, Single Barrel Barrel Proof, Single Barrel “Heritage Barrel” and the Tennessee Tasters’ editions. The currently very popular flavored whiskeys such as Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Fire and Tennessee Apple were also launched in recent years, as well as the first Jack Daniel’s Rye Whiskey.

“When Jeff became the Master Distiller, we said that he would carry on the long tradition of folks who have made the world’s best whiskey for more than 150 years, and that’s exactly what he’s done,” said Larry Combs, Jack Daniel Distillery SVP and General Manager. “He has worked tirelessly on behalf of the distillery and brought with him the creativity and the expertise that makes Jack Daniel’s the most valuable whiskey brand in the world. We thank him for his leadership not only at Jack Daniel’s but in the whiskey industry and wish him all the best.”

Image: Jack Daniel’s / Brown-Forman