Jameson reopened visitor center

€ 11 mio investment to create an impressive whiskey experience

Already since 1997 Jameson presents itself in the historic home of the famous Irish whiskey in Bow Street, Smithfield. Now the visitor center was reopened after an investment of 11 mio Euros and a total refurbishment. Visitors are invited to a special whiskey experience that combines traditional flair with modern presentation technique. At Jameson Distillery Bow St whiskey can be experienced with all senses. The Jameson Whiskey itself is not produced here since 1971. This happens at Midleton Distillery.

Ambitious visions for Irish whiskey

Along with representatives of the distillery and its owner Irish Distillers (belonging to Pernod Ricard) also members of local and economic politics took part at the opening of the new Jameson Distillery Bow St. The Irish whiskey industry is an important factor regarding tourism. More than 600.000 visitors can be counted at the Irish whiskey distilleries per year. Paschal Donohoe, Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, said that this number will be increased to 1.9 million until the year 2025. The new Jameson visitor center plays an important role in this vision.

Modern experience tells history of Jameson Whiskey

Jean-Christophe Couture, CEO of Irish Distillers, underlines the importance of this traditional place in Smithfield for the Jameson brand and for his company. This had been the home of Jameson Whiskey since 1780, to that time under the name Bow Street Distillery. Whiskey production moved to Midleton Distillery in 1971 but already in 1997 the visitor center of Old Jameson Distillery was opened in the historic buildings. Four million whiskey lovers have been here since that time. After the recent modernizations visitors will be even more inspired and thrilled by the presentation of history and taste of the Jameson Whiskey. It will be an experience that touches all their senses here at Jameson distillery Bow Street. Modern presentation technique and historical flair will perfectly meet and match and allow a fantastic storytelling.

Different tours available

Three different tours are offered to visitors: “The Bow St. Experience” is a classic tour with a focus on historical and modern background of Jameson Whiskey. “The Whiskey Makers” and “The Whiskey Shakers” are more about the whiskey itself and cocktails. These tasting programs are complemented by the chance to fill an own cask samples of Jameson Whiskey. Credits picture: Irish Distillers