Jack Daniel‘s presents new Tennessee Tasters‘ Selection

Experimental whiskeys to show Jack Daniel’s aromatic variety

The current trend that has conquered the whiskey scene now also influences Jack Daniel’s portfolio: craft distilleries are booming and many whiskey fans are looking for products off the beaten path. So Master Distillers Jeff Arnett and his team –the “Tennessee Tasters”- set themselves a task to develop a series of Jack Daniel’s Whiskeys with a difference. They started experimenting and influencing the flavor of the whiskey by using special and different kinds of maturation.

Now the first three products were presented, two of them available now in October, the third one in early 2019. Each of the Tennessee Tasters‘ Selection releases will be limited to 24.000 bottles and cost $39.99. But the selection will not only consist of these three bottlings: there will be more, planned to be launched every few months.

Only available in Tennessee

Those of you who are big fans of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and can’t wait to get their hands on one of the bottles and don’t live in Tennessee will be frustrated to hear the distillery’s announcement: “The range is available in 375ml bottles from the Jack Daniel’s distillery and select stores across Tennessee”. So maybe non-Tennessee-residents now ask theirselves: What about checking my next holiday plans?

The actual press release reveals some details about these first three releases of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Tasters‘ Selection:

High Angel’s Share Barrels: This whiskey was made from barrels that had been filled in January 2013 and since then had suffered a high degree of evaporation so that they showed a relatively low yield. The result is a very concentrated and intense aromatic profile and a very deep color. The whiskey, bottled with 107 proof, was created by Assistant Master Distiller and Master Taster Chris Fletcher and was released early October.

Smoked Hickory Finish: Following the normal barrel maturation the whiskey was finished by using charred Hickory wood staves to achieve a smoky character. Bottled with 100 proof the whiskey will be released for the 30th Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational BBQ on October 27 in Lynchburg. It had been selected by Master Taster Marsha Hale.

Reunion Barrel: In early 2019 this whiskey will be launched, selected by Master Distiller and Master Taster Jeff Arnett. It is characterized by a finish in wine barrels. Those were specially created for this cause: The barrels hosted Jack Daniel’s Whiskey before they were filled with wine from Tennessee and after the wine had been matured they went back to do their work and finish the Reunion Barrel. The release will be available with 90 proof.

Photo: Jack Daniel's