Irish whiskey from Londonderry: The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man is an Irish whiskey label and there are two different products available yet: the Irish Single Malt Whiskey The Quiet Man and the Traditional Blended Whiskey. The company behind The Quiet Man is the privately owned Niche Drinks. Founder and manager Ciaran Mulgrew named it after his father John who worked five decades as a bartender in Belfast and County Tyrone. In all these years he listened to many stories of his guest and shared their worries and secrets. A good and trustful bartender will always keep all these things to himself and be a “Quiet Man”.

The Quiet Man Craft Distillery is being built

The company Niche Drinks already exists since 1983 and is not at least famous for its St. Brendan’s Irish Cream Liqueur. Now Ciaran Mulgrew is building a whiskey distillery in Londonderry / Northern Ireland. The Quiet Man Craft Irish Whiskey Distillery will probably open this year so that from then on both whiskeys The Quiet Man 8 Years Old (single malt) and The Quiet Man Traditional Blended Whiskey can be produced with the own whiskey from this pot still distillery. For the currently sold Quiet Man releases new make of other Irish distilleries was bought and then matured in Londonderry in American white oak casks (first fill Bourbon casks).

The available Quiet Man products

To begin with The Quiet Man Single Malt 8 Years Old: it’s slightly creamy, sweet and with spicy notes and citrus aromas. Wood and dryness shape the finish. And then there’s The Quiet Man Traditional Blended Whiskey with also sweet and fruity aromas and a balanced character. Both releases were bottled with 40% ABV. There’s also a single cask edition of the 8 year old single malt with 46% ABV.