InchDairnie and British Airways partnership for an anniversary whisky

The limited whisky will be available in 2031

British Airways is celebrating its 100th anniversary and will start a small whisky project with the Scottish whisky distillery InchDairnie. Tomorrow, at World Whiskey Day, new make will be distilled at the Fife distillery for this special whisky edition.

For twelve years, this new make will then mature in ex-Bourbon casks, whose heads are made of French oak. These heads are a tribute to the first flight of British Airways in 1919, which went to Paris. American oak was chosen for the casks because the airline today operates around 30 flights a day across the Atlantic. In 2031, the whisky will be filled in 300 bottles and served exclusively on British Airways flights. Whether you can already purchase tickets for these flights today, is not revealed in the press release of British Airways ...

Incidentally, the cooperation with InchDairnie is not the only one that British Airways has started on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. For example, there is a Transatlantic IPA from the craft beer brewery BrewDog, and a travel-sized special edition of Marmite, the popular British spread, which is also based on brewer's yeast.

Images: British Airways