Iceland is whiskyland

Floki Single Malt of Eimverk Distillery grew up to be whisky

For five years the Eimverk Distillery in Iceland has been producing and its Young Malt has been bottled for some time already. You can get it bottled at 47% ABV and at cask strength. But now the distillery proudly offers a Floki Single Malt Whisky as well that was matured for full three years and got on sale in a limited small batch edition.

As a basic for the Floki production the Eimverk Distillery uses Islandic barley. Because this local type has got a lower amount of starch as commonly used barley the demand is relatively higher than it is for other whiskies. Eimverk Distillery states 50% more.

The family-run Eimverk Distillery in Gardaber uses new casks made of American oak for maturation, but the casks for the Floki Single Malt Whisky had previously been used to store the Floki Young Malt. The typically spicy Floki-aromas of pine needles and nutmeg appear and merge with vanilla, caramel and fruity notes.