Highland Park Valfather: The smokiest whisky in the Viking Legend series

The single malt of the Orkney Islands is dedicated to the Norse godfather Odin

The Highland Park Valfather completes the 2017 Viking Legend trilogy: Following the Highland Park Valkyrie and the Highland Park Valknut, this third and final Viking Legend edition focuses on the Norse godfather Odin himself. With its 47% ABV Highland Park Valfather presents the highest alcohol content of the trio.

The releases of the Viking Legend trilogy are more like cousins and not brothers or sisters of the core assortment, Gordon Motion, Master Distiller of Highland Park, quoted in a press release. For those single malts, a larger proportion of heavily peated malt was used than it is usually done in the production of Highland Park whisky. And among the whiskies of the Viking Legend series, Valfather is the smokiest one, according to Highland Park.

The flavor of Highland Park Valfather is described as showing:

Sweet apple | Fragrant pear | Crème brûlée | Toasted cedar wood | Smoked paprika | Aromatic peat smoke.

Responsible for the design of the Highland Park Valfather was the Danish artist Jim Lyngvild, who also created the design of the first two editions of the series. He shows Odin sitting on a horse, being inspired by historical stone paintings on the Swedish island of Gotland.

Image: Beam Suntory