Highland Park Twisted Tattoo 16 Year Old joins the Dragon Legend

The Orkney distillery plays with barrels, tattoos and dragons

In its marketing strategy, Highland Park has a strong accent on the Viking past, on Norse legends and everything that has shaped the Orkney Islands and their culture. The two bottlings currently being promoted by Beam Suntory also follow this concept.

Highland Park Dragon Legend

Not necessarily new on the international stage, but new in German retail market and other European countries is the Highland Park Dragon Legend. Last year, Highland Park launched this bottling, which pays homage to the Old Norse legend of the serpent dragon Fafnir and Viking warrior Sigurd.

The Dragon Legend is a single malt without age statement, matured in European and American sherry casks and bottled at 43.1% vol. According to Highland Park, it is the "richer, smokier side of Highland Park" due to the influence of whisky made from heavyly peated malt.

Official notes

Natural Cask-driven colour (no additives) Deep gold, clear and bright (average colour tint 15.0)
Flavours: Lemon peel | Honey | Vanilla | Warm spices | Freshly cut wood | Aromatic peat smoke

Highland Park Twisted Tattoo

The Highland Park Twisted Tattoo, a 16-year-old single malt for which Highland Park used Rioja casks for the first time in addition to first-fill Bourbon casks, certainly causes a little sensation among Highland Park fans. The Spanish red wine casks not only characterize the whisky in an aromatic way, but also led to a shade of pink, as the press release from Beam Suntory tells.

Soon, the Twisted Tattoo will be available in all retail markets and we can convince ourselves of the Rioja cask influence. According to Beam Suntory, the Highland Park Twisted Tattoo replaces the Highland Park Full Volume.

The Norse legend that stands behind the Twisted Tattoo is the one about the Midgard Serpent, who grew large enough to twist all around the earth and bite its own tail. This serpent is also the motif for the bottle and packaging design, created by Danish tattoo artist Colin Dale. He uses the so-called dot-work tattooing, a technique to engrave the tattoos freestyle by hand, point by point, a traditional technique developed by Vikings, Inuit and Native Americans.

The official tasting notes

Appearance: Natural colour, clear and bright, soft rose tint driven by the Rioja wine casks
Nose: Cedar wood, vanilla, heathery peat and peaches
Palate: Sweet creamy vanilla, light heather peat with hints of soft red fruits
Finish: Sweet vanilla, full bodied with light, aromatic peat

Photos: Highland Park / Beam Suntory