Highland Park Triskelion enters international markets

A tribute to three great whisky makers


A few weeks ago, Highland Park introduced the new Triskelion, now this new single malt whisky can be found on German and other international markets. Will it be a highlight at your Christmas party, too?

100 years of whisky making expertise

A total of one hundred years of expertise in whisky making came together for the creation of the Triskelion, says Highland Park, the expertise of the three Highland Park Master Whisky Makers Gordon Motion, Max McFarlane and John Ramsay. Together they selected the barrels for the Triskelion and batched them. Gordon Motion, current Orkney distillery's Master Whiskey Maker, said: “It was fun and a real honour to work with John and Max again. We decided to create an unaged single malt as this gave us complete flexibility to consider a whole range of different cask types, flavour profiles as well as ages. To quote John Ramsay ‘You don’t need an age statement to deliver real quality’ ”.

Three whisky makers, three types of casks and the three horns of Odin

Whisky from three different types of casks was batched for the Highland Park Triskelion, to a high amount these were first-fill casks: sherry seasoned Spanish oak, sherry seasoned American oak and bourbon barrels. We learn from Highland Park that a small amount of refill casks has been added for a little higher degree of softness. The limited whisky was bottled at 45.1% ABV - as already mentioned without age statement.

The name Triskelion refers to the symbolic representation of the horn Triskelion, a Celtic symbol showing three inter-locking horns. According to Celtic mythology, they contained the mead of poetry and gave the power of words, speech and wisdom to everyone who drank from this mead. Odin managed to ensnare the giantess Gunnlöò, the keeper of the horns, and not only to drink from them, but to empty them. A few drops fell down into our mortal world when Odin escaped in the guise of an eagle. They were the seed for poetic inspiration here on earth- certainly also among the marketing experts of Highland Park ...

Producer's tasting notes

NATURAL CASK-DRIVEN COLOUR (NO ADDITIVES) Bright with deep russet hues

FLAVOURS Seville oranges / Sultanas and raisins / Sweet apricots / Heather honey / Crushed coriander seeds / Aromatic peat smoke