Highland Park The Dark: 17 years in Sherry casks

The dark half of the new pair from the Orkney Islands was released. In cask strength and with natural color.

This is the first release of two and it is available now: Highland Park The Dark represents the winter time on the Orkney Islands with the sun standing low and it shows with a dark bottle and packaging. The color of the single malt resembles dark copper according to the official notes: 17 years in Sherry butts from European oak formed its character and color. But contrary to some other whiskies from different distilleries that wear a “dark” or “black” on the label the Highland Park The Dark was not colored.

The official notes of Highland Park tell about powerful, dry aromas, about raisins and dried fruits, coffee and chocolate, tobacco and smoke. Highland Park The Dark 17 Years Old was bottled with 52.9% ABV and is limited to 28.000 bottles.

The second release of this mini-series is supposed to come on market in spring 2018. The sun will stand higher then and will shine on “The Light”. A bright single malt in a bright bottle and packaging? We’ll see.