Highland Park Erda: Second whisky edition in cooperation with the Bayreuth Wagner Festival

Erda is released as two single cask bottlings


The Scottish distillery Highland Park presents a special edition of its single malt whisky in cooperation with the Richard Wagner Bayreuth Festival. The Highland Park Brünnhilde of 2019 will be followed this year by the Highland Park Erda. Actually already planned for last year, its launch was postponed due to Corona. The third and final edition of the trilogy has been announced for 2022.

Two single cask bottlings

In the Ring of the Nibelungs, Erda is presented as the earth goddess. She is a child of Brünnhilde and Wotan (speculations as to whether Wotan will follow Highland Park Brünnhilde and Erda next year seem quite obvious). Erda appears in two of the four parts of Richard Wagner's Ring of the Nibelungs. On the one hand, she is the primordial mother who represents the matriarchy of her epoch; on the other hand, in Rheingold she becomes the herald of the end of the rule of gods and previous world order. To express this diversity, we learn from the current press release, it was decided to use two different aromatic single casks: „Erda - Earth Mother“ with a rich, sweet and spicy character and „Erda - Sleeping Prophet“ with floral complexity.

The two Highland Park Erda bottlings are sold in the familiar Highland Park Single Cask Whisky jute bags and are available from today exclusively through Spirituals.shop, the partner of the Bayreuth Festival. Because of the great demand, you have to register if you are interested and hope for the luck of the draw. You can’t chose which of the two whiskies you would like to buy. Beam Suntory's press release does not comment on the prices.

Information about the festival is available at https://www.bayreuther-festspiele.de/

Highland Park Erda - Earth Mother

Ex-sherry cask No. 6394, limited to 341 bottles

Distilled 2006, age: 13 years Alcohol content: 58.7 % ABV

Colour: naturally dark, autumnal golden brown

Aroma: ginger cake, caramelized dates, dried spices, heather and peat notes

Taste: spicy, sweet and smoky, with notes of nutmeg and cedarwood

Finish: long-lasting sweet and spicy notes

Highland Park Erda - Sleeping Prophet

Ex-sherry cask No. 6393, limited to 273 bottles

Distilled 2006, age: 13 years

Alcohol content: 58.7 % ABV

Colour: naturally light straw gold

Aroma: delicate lavender, heather, peat, fruity lemon peel and fresh vanilla pods

Taste: peat smoke, creamy vanilla and honey-sweet violets

Finish: gently lingering floral and peat notes


Images: Beam Suntory