Helen Mulholland and Rachel Barrie inducted in Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame

The two master blender are the first women that have been honoured this way

Since the Whisky Magazine had started its Hall of Fame in 2004 as “…our permanent tribute honouring individuals who have made a lasting contribution to the whisky world”, every year master blender, distillers, authors or other personalities were inducted to the hall of fame. Michael Jackson was the first one and only men had followed since. Now for the first time women have entered the hall. 

Helen Mulholland from Bushmills

Helen Mulholland was honoured in a ceremony on 22nd November 2018 as the first woman ever that was inducted to the Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame. She started working for Bushmills 25 years ago and made her way from a job in the laboratory to the Master Blender of the Irish distillery. With passion and knowledge, she creates the blends and the single malts of Bushmills. According to Rob Allanson from the Whisky Magazine she was inducted not only because of her outstanding contributions not only to her brand but also to the whole Irish whiskey category. 

Rachel Barrie from Brown-Forman

On 7th December Rachel Barrie became a member of the Hall of Fame as the first woman of the Scottish whisky scene. She has been working as a master blender for Brown-Forman since March 2017, being responsible for the bottlings of BenRiach, Glendronach and Glenglassaugh. Before she had held the same position at Glenmorangie and then for Morrison Bowmore. She spent more than 26 years now in the whisky business. Barrie started her career studying chemistry at the University of Edinburgh which had given her an honorary doctorate in July this year.

Bilder: Bushmills und Brown-Forman