Great Jones Distillery to open in the heart of Manhattan

It is the first and only whiskey distillery in Manhattan since prohibition


The Great Jones Distilling Co. has moved into the trendy NoHo district in the middle of Manhattan. On August 21, 2021, they will open their whiskey distillery here with an attached restaurant, shop, lounge and speakeasy bar. Tours through the distillery and tastings are also offered. This is the first time Manhattan has had its own whiskey distillery since Prohibition.

Behind Great Jones Distilling is an experienced liquor company

Behind the Great Jones Distilling Co. is Proximo Spirits, their portfolio includes such renowned brands as Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Jose Cuervo Tequila and Kraken Rum.

"The opening of Great Jones Distilling Co. represents a landmark moment for spirits and New York City history, bringing the craft of whiskey distillation back to Manhattan after 100 years," said Juan Domingo Beckmann, Founder of Great Jones Distilling Co. and Proximo Spirits. "For 11 generations my family has crafted some of the world's leading spirits, and we are proud to introduce a bourbon that truly embodies the best of New York State ingredients and the 'lightning in a bottle' energy of Manhattan. The Great Jones Distillery will give the city a new spirits legacy, and is dedicated to the resiliency and hustle that New Yorkers have shown to the world over this past year."

An attraction for Manhattan

The project, which was built in six years of planning and renovation in an 82-year-old building, covers around 28,000 square feet /2,600 square meters. Numerous requirements in terms of fire codes and city regulations and other difficulties, not least the pandemic, had to be mastered. Now the Great Jones Distillery is about to open, giving New York another tourist attraction. But they also want to inspire the busy New Yorkers based in NoHo with their offers.

This project will create around 100 jobs in the distillery, but above all in the restaurant and bar operations. The speakeasy in the basement is adjacent to a tunnel that was discovered during construction and which is believed to once having served for whiskey smuggling. So visitors can enjoy a special flair in the restaurant and during the tastings.

Three whiskey bottlings already on offer

With the opening of the distillery, three whiskeys will also be presented, which will be produced here in the future, but have so far come from other stills: Great Jones Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Great Jones Four Grain Whiskey and Great Jones Rye Whiskey, all of which are at least four years old. All whiskeys were and will continue to be made from regional grain from upstate New York. The barrels are stored at the local Black Dirt Distillery.

Images: Great Jones Distilling Co.