Gordon & MacPhail present decanter for 80 Year Old Glenlivet

A Glencairn crystal decanter and "Artistry in Oak"


The independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail has presented a very special decanter, which was created for bottling the Generations 80-Years-Old, the unique Glenlivet Single Malt Whisky that we reported about here.

Decanter and oak pavilion: a play of light and shadow

The decanter is designed in the shape of a jewel and contains lenses to focus on the colourful whisky. This particular creation was designed by the world famous architect and designer Sir David Adjaye OBE. The curved core of the decanter was hand-blown from a single solid block of glass by experts at Glencairn Crystal Studio. "The gentle combination of liquid, weight and form invokes a sense of care, responsibility and slowness. As you pour, a sense of time fades and all that is understood is the preciousness of each drop," said Adjaye.

The decanter is supplemented by a valuable oak pavilion. The ensemble is called "Artistry in Oak". "The ambition was to create a vessel in which Gordon & MacPhail's unique experience and tradition is transmitted and incorporated," remarked Adjaye. "The vertical struts of the outer pavilion are reflective of trees in an oak forest from which the staves of the original cask were hewn. A pivotal moment in the design narrative is the relationship between the light and shadow as the casing recreates the sunlight as it shines through oak trees within a natural forest setting. The act of opening the pavilion becomes a ceremonial and sensorial process."

Auction for Trees for Life

The price for this oldest single malt scotch whisky in the world will be given on request via gordonandmacphail.com, reports the current press release. There are a total of 250 of these 70 cl decanters.

The number 1 will be auctioned on October 7th by Sothebys in Hong Kong. The proceeds from this auction will benefit the Trees for Life charity, after costs have been deducted. The organisation cares for the naturalisation of the Caledonian forest.

"The donation will help the Trees for Life nursery which grows 100,000 rare and native trees, including oaks, from seed each year," said Ewen Mackintosh, Gordon & MacPhail‘s General Manager. "It's fitting that this whisky will provide a legacy for all that will last for generations."

Images: Gordon & MacPhail