GlenWyvis filled 1,000th cask

The Scottish distillery will soon launch their first whisky


There is much to celebrate these days for the Scottish GlenWyvis Distillery. Last week they proudly announced that they had reached a small milestone: the 1,000th casks was filled with new make. And another important day is ahead for the distillery near Dingwall in the Highlands: The launch of the first release of their whisky is planned for the end of this year.

The GlenWyvis Distillery distilled the first new make on January 25, 2018, the traditional Burn’s Day. 1,000 casks in about 43 weeks - that's just 23 per month and clearly shows that this is one of the small distilleries of Scotland.

The number 223 on the anniversary photo may seem a bit confusing; it is due to the fact that GlenWyvis counts separately for each year. So it's number 2021/223. A special feature of the GlenWyvis Distillery is that it is not privately owned, but jointly owned by crowdfunders, including many residents of Dingwall and local business people. The land on which the distillery stands belongs to the farmer John Mackenzie, initiator of the distillery.

The casks for the first GlenWyvis Single Malt Whisky, the Inaugural Release have already been selected: there are 18 in number from which the whisky will be batched. First, the shareholders of the distillery are given their special first edition, then a few bottles of this edition will probably make it onto the regular market.

Image: GlenWyvis Distillery