Glenturret Distillery: New whisky range in a new design

A portfolio of four new standards and three additional older single malts


With Glenturret, another whisky distillery joins the current lively circle of those who present their portfolio in a new design. Similar to Benriach (we reported), the new appearance goes hand in hand with a relaunch of the Glenturret whisky range.

As their new core range, Glenturrret presents four new whiskies: Triple Wood, 10 Years Old Peat Smoked, 12 Years Old and 15 Years Old. They are joined by a 25-year-old and a 30-year-old bottling as well as by the “Exremely Scatce” edition limited to 1,000 bottles.

“I saw Glenturret as a great opportunity to work alongside an understated yet highly skilled team who influence the creation of the distillery new make spirit as only their hands can,” said Glenturret’s Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno, who previously worked as a master blender for The Macallan. "Alongside this was the challenge of creating a new range of whiskies with a different cask and character profile. Building on previous experiences and having the freedom to influence and develop, respecting the history whilst writing new chapters was a perfect fit.”

With the introduction of the re-designed whiskies, the change that had begun behind the scenes with the takeover of Glenturret by the Swiss company Art & Terroir at the end of 2018 (we reported) now also shows in their portfolio. By the ownership, Glenturret now has been intricately linked to Lalique, the manufacturer of exclusive glass carafes for exclusive whiskies. The strong stylistic change in the appearance of the Glenturret bottles is therefore not necessarily surprising. With the central placement of the Glenturret coat of arms, which is based on that of the founding family Murray, a connection is made to the history of the traditional Highland distillery.

Images: Glenturret Distillery