Glenlivet Capsule Collection - Whisky cocktails without a glass

The Scottish distillery presents a slightly different cocktail idea


The whisky world is amazed, but does not really know what to think of this new idea: Glenlivet presents the Capsule Collection at the current London Cocktail Week. There are three whisky cocktails based on the single malt Glenlivet Founder's Reserve. The special thing about them: For these cocktails you do not need a glass.

They look a bit like those little pods we can find in the supermarkets if we are looking for laundry detergents, but the Glenlivet Capsules’ contents are high-proof and probably tastier, too: The Glenlivet capsules Collection contain cocktails specially developed for this purpose. In collaboration with Alex Kratena and Monica Berg of Tayēr + Elementary Bar, Glenlivet has created three different recipes. According to the press release of Pernod Ricard, the award-winning bartenders were inspired by the defining elements and flavors of Glenlivet: citrus, wood and spice.

Popp the capsules and enjoy the cocktails

It’s quite simple to enjoy the cocktail capsules, you need no glass or straw, no cocktail stirrer or other equipment. Just take it in your mouth, let it popp and enjoy the aroma blast in your mouth. The capsule itself can also be swallowed, because it is made from seaweed and probably could not be more natural. If you do not want to swallow them, you can confidently dispose the biodegradable capsule.

Each capsule contains 23 ml, there is no information about the alcohol content or the other ingredients besides the Glenlivet Single Malt Whisky. So far, the small whisky pods are only available at Tayēr in London; it is not known whether they are planned to be regularly available after the Cocktail Week. The reactions and feedback on the innovative idea are ambiguous and many amused comments can be read on social media. Anyone who tries to approach the project in an open-minded and objective way usually complains that without the benefit of the sense of smell, one does not have the total experience of pleasure. In addition, some people simply miss that cocktail-feeling, having a glass in the hand and sipping the cocktail while a cocktail pod is more like a shot.

Image: Pernod Ricard