Glenfiddich to expand production

William Grant has announced extensions on site

William Grant & Sons decided to expand the Glenfiddich Distillery to satisfy the growing demand for whisky. There were no information yet about the costs but the magazine The Spirits Business reported about some details of the planning permission submitted to the Moray Council.

New buildings for mashing and distilling at Glenfiddich

A new still house is planned because after three new stills were added last year there’s no more place left in the two still rooms. An existing warehouse will be broken down to make way for the new building. Expansion can then be realized towards the A941, the road that passes Glenfiddich, leading from Craigellachie to Dufftown. The increase of Glenfiddich whisky production is yet limited by the two 10 t mash tuns that are working to capacity. New tun rooms and external tanks are therefore on top of Glenfiddich’s to-do-list. According to William Grant the new buildings and the existing distillery will appear in a harmonious whole.

World’s leaders struggle

Last year Glenfiddich lost the title as best-selling single malt of the world that now is held by Glenlivet (we reported). With this extension Glenfiddich sends a clear signal they will stay on the ball struggling for the leadership. But this position is highly competitive: recently Diageo announced they want to make their brand Singleton the best-selling single malt of the world.