Glenfiddich Grande Couronne completes the Grand Series of three extraordinary whiskies

A 26-year-old single malt whisky with a finish in cognac casks


Glenfiddich proudly presents the third edition of the Grand Series: The 26-year-old Grande Couronne completes the trio, which already includes the Gran Reserva 21 years and the Grand Cru 23 years.

While the Glenfiddich Grand Cru, which entered the whisky world stage in September 2019, was given French influences by a finish in former Cuvée wine casks for several months, French casks again formed the Scottish whisky for the Grande Couronne. Cognac was previously matured in them. The Gran Reserva brings a Caribbean touch to the Grand Series, as it spent a few months in former rum casks after being matured in American oak casks.

Two years in cognac casks crown the Glenfiddich

For the Grande Couronne, the "big crown", unlike in the case of most Glenfiddich finishes, the Speyside distillery not only chose a finish of several months, but a two-year marriage in the cognac casks. This is not without aromatic consequences.

The press release quotes Glenfiddich Malt Master Brian Kinsman: "The Grand Series perfectly encapsulates Glenfiddich’s spirit of innovation and our ability to experiment with aged liquid and intriguing finishes. Grande Couronne is the latest to exemplify that approach. It is the only Glenfiddich single malt that has matured in American and European oak casks and finished in rare French Cognac casks. The length of the finish, two years, is highly unusual and adds extra layers of sweet toasted oak and velvety aromas of café crème, brown sugar and soft spice."

The three editions of the Glenfiddich Grand Series

Gran Reserva 21 years, 40% ABV

Cask type: American white oak and sherry casks. Finish in Caribbean rum casks.

Colour: dark gold

Nose: Floral scent with hints of banana, fig, toffee, fresh leather and oak.

Taste: Sweet with distinctive vanilla notes. Subtle finish that develops strongly.

Finish: Opulent, sweet finish

Grand Cru 23 years, 40% ABV

Cask type: American and European oak casks. Finish in French Cuvée wine casks.

Colour: gold

Nose: scent of apple blossoms, fresh bread and candied lemon.

Taste: Sweet brioche, sandalwood, pear sorbet and white grapes.

Finish: Opulent, sweet finish

Grande Couronne 26 years, 43.8 ABV

Cask type: American white oak and sherry casks. Finish in French cognac casks.

Colour: antique gold

Nose: Lively and vivid with an abundance of toasted oak sweetness. Reminiscent of a French patisserie, freshly baked Tarte Tatin and buttery choux pastry.

Taste: Deep, velvety soft and luxuriously sweet. Café crème with soft brown sugar and a hint of spices.

Finish: Very long-lasting sweet oak

Images: William Grant & Sons