Glendronach Traditionally Peated: The Highland whisky now also available in a smoky style

Full-bodied sherry cask whisky, traditionally peated


Fans of dark and full-bodied sherry cask aged whiskies love the Glendronach Single Malt. Now it is also available in a peated variation: The Highland distillery has released the Glendronach Traditionally Peated these days.

Maturing its whisky in Spanish Pedro-Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks Glendronach follows the preference of distillery founder James Allardice for these casks. Since 1826 they form the rich, complex whisky character with its heavy body, sweet fruit notes and aromas of nuts and toffee. The fact that the distillery now presents a peated whisky with the Glendronach Traditionally Peated is in line with the desire to create a traditional product, as the latest press release reveals. It reports that it was absolutely normal in the Highlands at James Allardice's time to add peat to the kiln fire towards the end of the malting process.

Dr. Rachel Barrie, Glendronach's Master Blender, says, “The GlenDronach Traditionally Peated offers connoisseurs a rare opportunity to explore the distillery’s rich depths of sherry cask maturation, whilst paying homage to the robust peat-smoked earthy character of the early 19th century, that James Allardice himself would likely have enjoyed. This wonderfully complex Single Malt presents notes of Highland toffee, dark honey and coal-smoked barley. Burnt orange and treacle glide over the palate, on a base of cloves and smoked bramble. Liquorice and dark fruits linger and intensify into the rich and earthy finish.”

The whisky for the GlenDronach Traditionally Peated was matured in Pedro Ximénez, Oloroso sherry and port casks. It was bottled uncolored and unchill-filtered at 48% ABV. There’s no age statement.

Image: The GlenDronach Distillery