Glenallachie to release six limited single malts

Billy Walker’s first bottlings after taking over the distillery are single cask editions

It’s the first time since Billy Walker and his partners Trisha Savage and Graham Stevenson bought Glenallachie in July 2017 that the label shows up on market. While former owner Pernod Ricard used Glenallachie Whisky for their blends this is to change under the new management: Billy Walker wants to strengthen the label Glenallachie.

Glenallachie Single Malt Whisky only from independent bottlers before

If you wanted to enjoy a Glenallachie Single Malt up to now you had to look for a release of an independent bottler as Douglas Laing, Signatory or Duncan Taylor. Glenallachie now announced the launch of a new range for June 2018 but before Billy Walker has chosen six casks out of the impressing stock of 40.000 Casks in the warehouses for the release of a little series of single cask bottlings. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Glenallachie’s first distillation whiskyfriends can look forward to some treasures from the warehouses, bottled at cask strength.

Slightly more than 3.500 bottles will come on market. 720 are bound for the UK, 425 for Taiwan and 2.391 for the global market. The bottles held 50 cl and will be sold at prices between 200 and 700 pounds.

Details given on the soon coming releases in a press release:

1978, Cask 10296, Sherry Butt, 55.9%: A rush of raisins, dark chocolate and spices, followed by hints of orange peel and liquorice. 120 bottles for the UK, 340 for General Export and 68 for Taiwan.

1989, Cask 986, Sherry Butt, 57.7%: A galaxy of sultanas, pineapple and plum pudding, with hints of spices and orange peel. 152 bottles for the UK, 640 for General Export and 92 for Taiwan.

1989, Cask 2587, Hogshead, 45.4%: The melange of dark cherries, bananas and orange peel develops into dark chocolate and rich spices. 80 bottles for the UK, 211 for General Export and 32 for Taiwan.

1990, Cask 2515, Sherry Butt, 44.9%: Rich sherry and raisin presence, with a supporting cast of dark chocolate, grapefruit and spices. 156 bottles for the UK, 484 for General Export and 108 for Taiwan.

1990, Cask 2517, Sherry Butt, 54.6%: The amazing flavour rainbow of raisins, bananas, sweet cloves and pineapples extends to orange peel and dark chocolate. 144 bottles for the UK, 524 for General Export and 84 for Taiwan.

1991, Cask 100285, Hogshead, 55%: Wonderful notes of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch and hazelnuts as the lead players with hints of dark chocolate, mocha and spices. 68 bottles for the UK, 192 for General Export and 41 for Taiwan.