Glen Moray presents Cask Adventures

The Glen Moray Cask Finishes are paired with tapas and used in cocktails


Glen Moray presents its Cask Finish releases in a special way: To explore the flavors and the aromatic character of the Glen Moray whiskies with their Port, Sherry and Madeira finishes and the Glen Moray Fired Oak, the distillery proposes the combination of the single malts with Mediterranean-inspired dishes and to enjoy them in specially created cocktails.

During the next weeks, "Cask Stories" will be told about special restaurants, bars and other hotspots of the whisky business, and live events will be offered on Instagram. As a narrator of these stories and at the same time as the creator of appropriate tapas recipes, Glen Moray managed to hire the well-known chef and author Ben Tish, Culinary Director of the London restaurant Norma and the Stafford Hotel. He is joined by sommelier Julien Hennebell, who created four special cocktails with the Glen Moray Single Malt Whiskies.

Glen Morays UK Sales Director Claire Baigrie said: ‘Glen Moray is one of the most adventurous malt whiskies available and we have always pushed the boundaries when it comes to the casks we use for maturation. Our new partnership with Ben is a way to really explore and celebrate these flavours, and the wonderful results of our new make spirit meeting seasoned casks from different parts of the world. Ben is an absolute expert in the places where our casks originate and we are thrilled to have him tell our cask stories to food and drink lovers. This is an invitation to come with us on a journey to learn more about flavour and to enjoy whisky in a way that really breaks down the barriers of how and when single malt whisky should be enjoyed. At a time when summer holidays to these regions are limited, we hope Glen Moray fans will enjoy the ride!’

Glen Moray's delightful suggestions

Glen Moray Fired Oak

Tapas: cumin rubbed grilled pork pinchos with almond alioli.
A sweet, smokey barbecued street food that works with the deep charred flavours of Fired Oak whisky Cocktail The Elgin Fizz: a refreshing summer combination of smoky Glen Moray Fired Oak, spicy ginger liqueur and sweet sparkling apple juice, served over ice.

Glen Moray Sherry Cask Finish

Tapas: fried courgette flowers, goats cheese and honey.
The combination of rich, salty cheese and sweet honey works perfectly with the Sherry Cask’s notes. Reminiscent of the fried flowers served in every Spanish tapas bar over the summer months.

Cocktail The Oloroso Breeze: a long, delicious Mediterranean style drink, mixing Glen Moray Sherry Cask Finish, sherry vermouth and sparkling San Pellegrino Bitter – served with a slice of orange.

Glen Moray Port Cask Finish

Tapas: mussels with cinnamon, lemon, marjoram, bay and migas.
Lightly steamed mussels with fresh, spicy and citrusy flavours to complement the Port Cask whisky’s notes – topped with crispy ‘migas’ breadcrumbs which are a Portuguese staple.

Cocktail The Lossimonatta: a light, refreshing blend of Port Cask Finish, the juice of red berries, cherry liqueur and lemonade, served over ice and inspired by the River Lossie running next to the Glen Moray Distillery.

Glen Moray Madeira Cask Finish

Tapas: roasted peaches with orange flower honey, mascarpone, pistachios.
Madeira has the most wonderful peach varieties, and the sweet caramelised peach juices and aromatic honey are a great match for the Madeira cask’s flavours.

Cocktail The Whisky Rose Julep: an exotic, full-flavoured combination of Madeira matured whisky, rose syrup and fresh mint, served over ice.

Images: Glen Moray