Glen Grant announces the Dennis Malcolm 60th Anniversary Edition

A 60-year-old single malt whisky in honour of the longtime master distiller


Dennis Malcolm has been in the whisky business for six decades and is considered one of the longest-serving distillers in Scotland. Glen Grant is now celebrating these 60 years with the issue of a 60-year-old special edition: The Dennis Malcom 60th Anniversary Edition is a single cask bottling of the ex-Oloroso sherry cask with the number 5040, which was filled on October 24, 1960.

A life for the Glen Grant Whisky

Dennis Malcolm was born on the premises of the distillery in 1946. At the age of 15 he began his apprenticeship as a cooper, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He later shaped the company's history and the Glen Grant Single Malt Whisky as a manager and master distiller.

"It's never been a job to me, it's been a way of life. I don't like my actual birthday -that makes me a year older. But I like my milestones with Glen Grant because it's a year longer than I'm here. I can keep doing what I was destined to do."

360 decanters from Glencairn

The single malt, limited to 360 decanters, is the oldest bottling of the Glen Grant distillery in its 181-year history. Each decanter was made from hand-blown crystal glass by Glencairn Studio and is individually numbered. Their design is based on the shape of the Glen Grant stills. It takes 15 hours to make such a decanter which is presented in a case made of walnut wood. An engraved signature from Dennis Malcolm and a certificate of authenticity signed by him complete the noble ensemble, which will be available from selected dealers worldwide for 25,000 Euro each from October.

Bottled by the master distiller personally

The 60-year-old whisky was bottled at 52.8% ABV - by Dennis Malcom personally, as the press release reveals. “With a deep chestnut colour, the aroma starts with notes of vibrant Seville orange that give way to an unravelling of rich fruits and nuts; apricot, peaches, raisons, pecan nuts, and a hint of cigar smoke. Rich and fruity in taste with a beautiful balance of dark chocolate layered with treacle toffee, the taste has elements of a liquid fruit cake, finished with long, lingering flavours of figs, dates, liquorice, and a slight hint of smoke."

Image: Glen Grant