Glen Els becomes Elsburn

The Scotch Whisky Association won in the second instance

The German distillery Hammerschmiede has decided to rename its single malt whisky that has been on market under the name of The Glen Els for 17 years. It will furthermore be available as Elsburn. With this rebranding, they follow the judgement of the Oberlandesgericht Hamburg, Higher Regional Court, which gave right to the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA): Because of the use of “Glen” the name Glen Els could make the consumer think it was a Scottish product. Hercynian Distilling Co. (the company the Hammerschmiede formed to distribute its several products) informed its customers and whisky fans in the social media about this change.

The Scotch Whisky Association and the Glen

In the first instance, SWA's lawsuit failed in 2016 at the Hamburg Regional Court, but the Higher Regional Court has decided otherwise. Now next instance would be the Federal Court, but the Hammerschmiede, based in the Harz mountains does not want to go this expensive and time-consuming way. Unlike a Swabian distillery, that doesn’t want to give in: The Swabian Waldhorn Distillery wants to stick to its brand name Glen Buchenbach and want to exhaust the legal process to the last instance.

Farewell to Glen Els

While the other product lines of the Hercynian Distilling Co. (Willowburn, Alrik and Emperor's Way) will remain unchanged, the unpeated whiskys will furthermore be released as Elsburn instead of Glen Els. When choosing the name, they decided to maintain a regional connection: The source of the Elsbach River is the distillery’s water supply All products that are currently on the market as Glen Els Whisky will be sold furtheron as long as supplies last. The last ever release whisky with the old name will be The Glen Els - Distillery Edition - 100% Sherry Cask Matured - a "little farewell gift", as the Hercynian Distilling Co. calls it. A farewell but only to the Glen Els brand, which will then soon be followed by a welcome to the new brand Elsburn.

Pictures: Hercynian Distilling Co